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Responsiveness and Action: January 2024 Newsletter


We are 25 days into 2024. Let’s check in. How are you doing?

For many of us, we started the new year with resolutions set in the spirit of hope and renewal. As we find ourselves settled into the rhythms of the new year, it’s possible our goals may have taken some unexpected turns. Let this be a compassionate reminder that resolutions are not rigid benchmarks; they are gentle guides toward personal evolution.

This month’s newsletter reflects on responsiveness and action, embracing a collective support and understanding of each other. The world is experiencing so much hurt. Human rights issues that have long been plaguing communities are coming to light in ways that are powerful and painful. How are you responding? What barriers are you facing, internally or externally, that may be preventing you from taking action?

As an anti-bias community consisting largely of educators and caregivers, we are not just witnesses to the world. We are architects of empathy and advocates for change. These resources aim to support our community with recalibrating and moving forward with renewed intention.

Ethos in Action

24 Journal Prompts for 2024

Each of us plays an integral part in cultivating empathy, understanding, and a commitment to justice. We carry the weight of injustice together. Responsiveness and taking action against injustices stems from the fact that, by our nature, we are empathetic creatures. 

Here we share 24 journal prompts on Responsiveness and Action for 2024. We invite you to use these as a catalyst for understanding how you can take action against injustice:

Childhood Messages about Bias and Injustice:
  1. When you were growing up, how did adults around you respond to unfairness and bias?
  2. What did you learn growing up about how you could and/or should stand up to discrimination when you experience and/or witness it? What about now? 
  3. When did you first become aware of examples of discrimination in your community or the larger world? How did you feel as your awareness and understanding of discrimination towards various identities grew? 
Personal Identity and Lived Experience:
  1. How are you exploring your ideas, feelings, and experience of social justice and growth?
  2. What are your social identities (geographic location, socioeconomic status, family structure, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.)? Which identities limit your access or are targets of bias? Which give you access or benefits? 
  3. In what ways have you developed resilience against harmful stereotypes about yourself or others? 

Building Belonging: An Interview with Elliot Felix

Whether it’s on a college campus or in an elementary classroom, we build belonging together. That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to Elliot Felix of brightspotElliot has been an architect of belonging since he was young. Serving on student government as an undergraduate and graduate student, he learned that what was happening outside the classroom was just as important as what was happening inside of the classroom and that there were opportunities to build belonging in all spaces.

Together with his now wife and other student leaders, they conducted town halls and surveys to unearth what students experienced and find ways to improve spaces, schedules, pay, and culture. After bringing their findings to administration, they achieved real, tangible changes to improve the student experience and sense of belonging on their campus. “[We] stepped up and filled the vacuum, filled the void,” Elliot shares. They helped students feel seen and celebrated. 

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