6 AmazeWorks Persona Dolls (life-sized dolls with different identities and lived experiences) standing in two rows

Persona Dolls

Using AmazeWorks Persona Dolls is a wonderful way to understand and support the growth of social-emotional skills in children. We see empathy in children from the time they are infants, and we know that empathy needs to be supported and nurtured in order to help it develop and grow. Persona Dolls help children learn the concrete skills they need to use their innate empathy effectively.

Persona Dolls come into the classroom as friends. Teachers carefully build relationships with the dolls by mirroring details of the children’s own lives. The dolls engage children by telling stories about their lives and asking children for advice.

AmazeWorks Persona Dolls and the accompanying curriculum guide:

  • Teach social skills, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.
  • Foster skills needed for standing up against teasing and other forms of bias.
  • Include 12 dolls with a variety of skin colors, hair types, and facial features true to their ethnicity.
  • Each doll is handmade by local artisans.
  • Faces are hand-painted and modeled after real children from the communities they represent.
  • Feature authentically written stories and personas for each doll.
  • Include lessons and stories for each doll.
  • Include teacher supports such as:
    • Research about Anti-Bias Education and the use of Persona Dolls
    • Key concepts
    • Teacher hints
    • Caregiver/parent letters
    • Step by step processes for creating your own stories.

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