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Put Belonging into Practice

Building a solid equity and belonging foundation is a strong first step, but it doesn’t end there. Ongoing training and development is key to lasting success. Our training approach is interactive, engaging, and sustainable. From in-depth workshop series to webinars to facilitated discussions, we offer a developmental model framework that leads to powerful systemic change.

Our training workshops include:

Foundational Awareness-Building Workshop Series

This series provides a foundational understanding of equity while also giving employees, managers, and leaders a shared language of belonging.

Critical Consciousness-Building Workshops

We explore systems of oppression, showing how these systems get in the way of creating healthy conditions of belonging. We can customize our workshops to fit your culture needs with a wide range of topics such as microaggressions, white fragility, conflict styles, intersectionality, and more.

Praxis Workshops— From Theory to Practice

Our Praxis workshops help people apply what they’ve learned in their lives, their relationships, and their work with others.

Culture-Building Workshops

Our culture-building workshops help create a workplace culture of belonging that centers diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Keep the momentum going

Our monthly roundtables can be structured in many ways. Depending on your specific goals and needs, we can create an ongoing discussion plan that’s either mandatory or voluntary. It can be for targeted groups or on a leadership level. Regardless, these sessions provide an opportunity for ongoing discussion and learning.

AmazeWorks will work with your organization to tailor our workshops to your specific goals and needs. Here is a sampling of topics we can customize:

  • Implicit bias
  • Identity and stereotype threat
  • Intersectionality
  • Behaviors that trigger bias
  • Understanding microaggressions
  • Responding to microaggressions
  • Creating a brave space for difficult conversations in the workplace
  • Creating a culture of belonging
  • The cultural iceberg and cultural bias
  • Effective intercultural communication
  • Conflict styles
  • Power and accountability
  • Leading through anti-bias practices

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