Classroom Dynamics

The AmazeWorks Classroom Dynamics™ Program (powered by Keyhubs®) helps teachers understand the social relationships in classrooms from the perspective of students. With this information, teachers and school staff can provide additional support and interventions to create equity and belonging for all students.

Classroom Dynamics™ assesses student connections through a short online survey that reveals:

  • Friendship groups (healthy and cliques)
  • Isolated students
  • Interest/curiosity about potential new connections between students
  • Targets of mistreatment and exclusion
  • Changemakers

How Classroom Dynamics™ works:

  • School sends class lists to AmazeWorks.
  • AmazeWorks creates a unique survey for each classroom and sends the survey links to each teacher.
  • Students take the 7 questions online survey.
  • AmazeWorks meets with teachers to give results and analysis.
  • AmazeWorks can provide strategies and activities to support teachers in using the data to increase connections in their classrooms.
  • AmazeWorks can provide additional consultation and interventions.

Please call 651-493-8702 or email to receive more information on how Classroom Dynamics™ works and pricing.

Classroom Dynamics™ is powered by Keyhubs®.

Ending isolation

The diagram to the left shows isolated students in dark and light green. The arrows pointing to each circle show who students are interested in being friends with (desired friendships). This information helps teachers create connections in their classrooms.

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