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Lessons for Life

Early Childhood

Given their strong tendency to internalize, young children are extremely vulnerable to bias and stereotypes. And that vulnerability can turn into bias-based attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that last a lifetime. With the assistance of our early childhood curriculum, teachers can address potential issues before they become lasting problems.

The curriculum includes:

  • 40 high-quality trade books
  • Lesson plans with open-ended discussion questions
  • Cross-curricular activities
  • Parent engagement support 
  • Curriculum guides for teachers
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Recently updated through the Human-Centered Design process, the AmazeWorks Elementary Curriculum empowers teachers and children to co-create classrooms of equity and belonging where children feel valued, respected, and connected by engaging in intentional, regular discussions about identity, differences, and bias.

This research-based curriculum is grounded in anti-bias education theory and presents diversity through the lens of family.

The PreK – 5 curriculum:

  • Fosters social-emotional learning through the lens of anti-bias education. 
  • Is literature-based and includes 20 high-quality trade books per grade level, written from authentic voice whenever possible. 
  • Includes two printed curriculum guides with lesson plans for each book with discussion questions, journal prompts, and follow-up activities for each unit. 
  • Covers a wide range of identities, family structures, and lived experiences, including race/ethnicity, immigration, religion, socio-economics, disabilities, gay/lesbian/transgender family members, divorce/blended, aging, foster care, incarceration, death, deployment, and adoption.
  • Includes a Scope and Sequence and literacy alignment. 
  • Is aligned with Common Core standards. 
  • Can be used in small and large group settings.

Middle School

The AmazeWorks Middle School Curriculum:

  • Engages middle school students to consider:
    • Who do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want others to see me?
  • Fosters students’ social-emotional skills through the lens of anti-bias education.
  • Is literature and video-based.
  • Includes lesson plans for each book/video with discussion questions, journal prompts, and optional follow-up activities.
  • Embeds and combines anti-bias education and culturally responsive teaching.
  • Covers a wide range of identities and lived experiences, allowing students to see themselves reflected in classroom materials and to understand the experiences of others.
  • Can be used in an advisory, homeroom, or classroom setting.
Middle School Student

Our education programs also include:

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