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AmazeWorks Professional Development for Educators

AmazeWorks provides deep, ongoing, research-based customized training, consultation, and coaching for administration, leadership, PLCs, grade level and/or department teams focused on climate, culture, and belonging.

For school leaders

  • Alignment of school improvement plan, professional development, and initiatives (Responsive Classroom, SEL, Restorative Practices, Culturally Responsive Teaching practices, etc.) with anti-bias and equity needs, goals, mission and vision, and strategic or school improvement plans
  • Coaching around leading from an anti-bias mindset
  • Developing long-term, sustaining systems and processes to keep equity work moving forward in future years

For educators

  • Curriculum audit from an anti-bias/equity lens
  • AmazeWorks curriculum implementation support, including modeling of AmazeWorks lessons
  • Teaching coaching and facilitation
  • Classroom observations
  • Additional resources for becoming an Anti-Bias Leader/Educator
Pricing is customized

AmazeWorks is proud to be an approved provider of the required Cultural Competency Training needed for Minnesota tiered teacher license renewal. In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.30, subdivision 1, paragraph (q), all teachers must receive cultural competency training in order to renew their teaching licenses. The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) has partnered with organizations and consultants, including AmazeWorks, to create a day-long cultural competency training to satisfy the Minnesota Administrative Rule 8710.0310. Schools and districts can contract directly with AmazeWorks to provide this six to eight hour training for their teachers. 

For more information about AmazeWorks training, please email, or call 651-493-8702.

Our education programs also include:

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