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Reflections on COVID-19 and PRIDE 2020


Meet Ari
Meet Ari. She is currently working 3 jobs to support herself and is grateful there is work available.
Meet Miranda
Meet Miranda. She lost her job but is okay and likes that she has more time to volunteer on a farm.

AMAZEworks interviewed two young adults, Ari and Miranda, to learn how they have been impacted by COVID-19 as members of the LGBTQ+ community and what PRIDE means to them.

AMAZEworks: What does Pride month mean to you?

Ari: The year I went with a tight-knit group of friends we had a blast.  I brought a friend who had never gone before and it was fun to share the event with someone experiencing the parade for the first time.  Someday I’m going to make it a tradition.

Miranda: I love it! The boost in self-pride is something I look forward to. It’s great to be around so many in the LGBTQ+ community. To know you are not going to take s#$% from people who are haters during Pride Month – similar to Black History Month. I’m really disappointed about all the things that are canceled this year. I was looking forward to being on the team to set up interpreters for Pride. I think anyone who has not gone should go next year and check it out. You should try anything once, it’s good to find people who are like-minded.

AMAZEworks: How has your sense of belonging, the community changed because of COVID – or how are you finding belonging and community in the time of COVID

Ari: I’m a hermit these days so it does not really change much for me. Although I have reached out to a lot of people and old friends to check-in on them. 

Miranda: I know I belong so that has not really changed for me. I miss my friends and community, but it’s ok.

AMAZEworks: What words of wisdom do you have for someone who might be having a hard time with things lately?

Ari: If someone is having a hard time, I would encourage them to look less at the what-ifs….. and look more at how people are working together to do things for each other, to try not to stress out too much. You can’t control what’s happening so just be around people you love.

Miranda: Take the time to renovate, organize stuff, get done what you need to get done.

AMAZEworks: What is one thing you do to lift your spirits when you are going through a tough time?

AM: I make music about being a part of my community.

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