Allana Persona Doll Bundle

“Hi, I’m Allana. Sometimes I live with my dad and step-mom and sometimes I live with my mom. I like having two houses, but sometimes I miss the parent I’m not with. I love being part of a big family. We have so much fun celebrating holidays and meeting at pow wows. Some of my favorite things are music and telling stories.”

  • Ojibwe
  • Separated parents
  • Lives in two different houses
  • Only child, large extended family

Clothing will vary with each doll. Comes with printed curriculum guide, supplemental lessons, and training video. Shipping included. Allow up to 30 days for delivery.



AMAZEworks persona dolls teach social skills, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. These handmade, toddler-sized dolls have various ethnicities, religions, and family structures. The curriculum guide features authentically written stories based on best practices for early childhood education.

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