Elementary School Curriculum

Introducing the NEWLY UPDATED AMAZEworks Elementary Curriculum


For the last year, AMAZEworks staff, with the help of our incredible teacher task force and community members, have been working hard to update our pre-K through 5th grade Elementary Curriculum. With this curriculum and Anti-Bias training, teachers create connected classrooms where all children are seen, heard, and valued. Educators learn to examine how identity, difference, and bias impact healthy relationships and engagement in learning, work, and community. They lead students through important conversations that help break down barriers to equity and belonging, address bias, and replace stereotypes with curiosity, understanding, and respect. Students develop the capacity to thrive in today’s world because they learn how to appropriately deal with bias-based teasing, exclusion, and harassment through a preventive approach.

20 carefully curated picture books (over 60% of which are new to our collection) as well as two printed curriculum guides (with online access available for an additional fee). Each new grade-level curriculum guide contains a detailed introduction and resources, including the research that supports and guides our work and lesson plans to accompany each book. Each lesson plan includes:

  • The new Elementary Curriculum is available now. We are currently working to adapt lessons and prepare resources for teachers to use through distance learning models, so this important work can continue despite the variety of ways schools may look this year. To learn more about options and pricing, contact us at info@amazeworks.org or (651) 493-8702.

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